Família Sem Filtros

Quarantine turned our lives upside down and prompted content and format innovation in a family series played entirely by one of Brazil’s most beloved comedy actors

Família Sem Filtros

The problem

2020 was so strange it became known as the 2020 of the years. Which is also strange. We never consumed so much online content. In a world where even business meetings went online, creating relevant content from a distance was the main challenge.

The Solution

An unprecedented series produced through Snapchat filters. In it, Rafael Portugal created a familiar narrative arc and managed to demonstrate the role of the internet in Brazilians daily routine. The story is a kind of family diary with several characters, all played by Rafael himself, living difficult and funny moments during the quarantine. The representation of each character is based on filters that modify not only the appearance, but the voice.

The results

There were more than 70 million impressions, 9.9 million views and more than 232 hours watched. Such success even transformed Família Sem Filtros into a Birthday Party theme and attracted the attention of brands such as Oi, one of the largest telephone companies, that saw an opportunity to connect with the public through the series.