Porta dos Fundos brought its entertainment expertise together with Agência Lupa’s fact-checking experience: humor and social buzz to fight disinformation in Brazil


The problem

Fake news exist even before the internet, but with the rapid circulation of information on social media and Whatsapp, misinformation about important issues began to be disseminated even more easily. The concern about fake is high. Per example, 84% of the Brazilian population has difficulties discerning what is truth from what is fake among the content spread in social networks.



The Solution

Porta dos Fundos and Agência Lupa – a pioneer in verification journalism in Brazil – partnered in the fight against fake news.


Like Porta dos Fundos’ style, the action started with the creation of Agência Loki, a page on LinkedIn that openly offered the concept of “perception management”, a strategy that exists to produce statements and false events to favor the narrative of groups or companies. The idea was to transform deliberate disinformation and manipulation strategies into “a matter of opinion”.


The big idea? There is no Loki agency. The idea behind the campaign was to use Porta’s visibility to show how easily fake news were shared as facts by thousands of people.


The results

With an estimated impact of 13 million people in only 5 days, the campaign contributed to the discussion of fake news and the need to investigate what is true before sharing. While the fake news phase impacted at least 7.6MM of people, the disclosure phase impacted only 1.3MM, although there are more profiles commenting on the subject, showing how the spread and retraction of fake news works. Everything in an organic way, with no paid media.